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Since 2010, Indelible Enterprises, LLC has worked with small businesses, academia,non-profit organizations and  government agencies to improve business practices, upgrade emergency management documents, and give employers and employees the tools to be better communicators.
Indelible Enterprises is a flexible, project oriented organization that uses a wide range of contracted workers to fulfill the needs of our clients.  Our pool of experts include Ph.D.s with degrees in physics, operations research, computer science and communication; certified program management professionals, emergency management specialists and Master Black Belts in Lean-Six Sigma.
We build trusting, professional and long term relationships with our clients.  We listen to our client's concerns before every milestone, ensuring compliance and complete satisfaction. We provide options that allow projects to occur in manageable segments.   

Dr. Julie A. Seton owns and operates Indelible Enterprises, LLC, a company that provides communication-based analysis and training, emergency management planning and emergency response exercise support. Clients come from academic, government and small business sectors.

Dr. Seton received her PhD in Rhetoric and Professional Communication from New Mexico State University in 1996 with focus on scientific and environmental rhetoric.  She holds a Master of Arts in Communications Studies with a minor in Counseling and Educational Psychology and an undergraduate degree in Theatre.  She holds certifications in counter-terrorism, operational security, and the Incident Command System.