Who We Are

Indelible Enterprises, LLC is a woman-owned emerging small business that delivers highly effective training products and services while building solid, trusting and –INDELIBLE — relationships with our clients.

Our Clients

Indelible Enterprises works with clients from academia, small business, military, other government, and non-profit sectors. Products delivered include training courses, draft emergency plans, analytical reports, and editing. Services provided include program assessments as well as support for strategic planning, business development, and emergency exercises.

Why Choose Us

We build trusting, professional and long-term relationships. We listen. We are thorough. We work closely with our clients to understand and align our work with their vision. At every milestone we ensure compliance and complete satisfaction.

Julie A. Seton received her Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Professional Communication from New Mexico State University in 1996 with focus on scientific and environmental rhetoric. She holds a Master of Arts in Communications Studies, a Masters-minor in Counseling and Educational Psychology and an undergraduate degree in Theatre. She has completed certifications in counterterrorism, operational security, and incident command.

Her professional career began in academia, teaching courses in Theatre, English, and Communication. She moved from academia to government contracting where she managed an equipment testing program, a multidisciplinary emergency response exercise program; and oversaw one of the first on-line training programs for first responders. In 2010, she opened Indelible Enterprises to consolidate her expertise across several disciplines to provide communication-based products and services.

She has a long list of accolades for her leadership and dedication to excellence in both professional and volunteer settings.